Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fondling Juliet

So, bear with me. I have not yet delved into describing the mystical adventure of going to Paris alone for 6 days in November, but I must describe the nature of my true trip to Verona ( when I saw a little more than just the Arena)

Paris and more ventures to come, though perhaps this blog lost all chronological significance months ago.

Fondling Juliet.
So as I have aforementioned, I've been to Verona. This time, Nina ( and I went to Verona for a Baha'i Conference for 5 days. We arrived back home on the 31st of December. While we were in Verona, we had the chance of during one day of free afternoon ( the rest of the conference was in a hotel 10km away from the city and spent most of our time meeting new friends, discussing faith and drinking up the festivity spirit) we visited The House of Juliet. It was strategically placed on Via Capello. (Like Capulet!)
Though we meant to find it hours earlier and kept turning left when meant to be turning right, using a silly little map from a guide book ( after trying to get by without it) and asking random passerby's in Italian that had clearly faded over the course of the English Youth Conference. ( Nina speaks sexy french and I sexy Italian. Sadly we have no other secret languages, but she will soon be Russian, so the future holds opportunity)

So once we finally did find the Casa di Giulletta, it was very dark. It's effect was still magnificent. I'm not sure if this house existed and Shakespeare saw it or if it was built to be attributed to a fictional ( or did she once live?) character?

In any case, it's become a symbol of love and her left breast ( I mean this very literally) can be stroked to offer "Better luck next time" Luck in love I'm guessing. Perhaps she needs it more than others. She did fall dead at the hands of her first love.

As you enter the beautiful home, the walls leading towards the coutryard, where the statue of Juliet ( note the shininess of her left breast) the hallway is covered with thousands of confessions of love, hearts, lovers vows. It's quite overwhelming and lovely and you can't but help and smile at the sheer true love and naiveté-

For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo

Coming Soon...........
Burning Frogs!

Burning Frogs and other New Years Traditions

"What did you do for New Years!", a common question that I just don't really know how to answer.
I was with my darling friend Nina! We dressed up crazy and got pumped up to Rihanna and Teenage Dream ( We'll be young forever) and headed to the Piazza with the promise of Fireworks, we got a lot more than we bargained for.

As we walked along, people set off loud fire works with limited color or fire even, so they just sounded like gunshots or bombs chasing us. (Insert Mafia jokes here)

When we arrived to the Piazza that is my favorite place in Bologna, behind the Dazzling statue of Neptune, we saw what appeared to be a large green statue. At first I thought of GODZILLA. But on further inspection, a frog. We came nearer to the gigantic statue ( made of wood and covered with paper) of in fact A FROG.

A prince, no doubt.
We were overheard laughing and talking about the frog loudly. ("I just dont understand why there is a giant godzilla in the Piazza!") by some American girls from Belgium ( spending the holidays in Bologna) and they assured us that the Frog was made of wood and would burn down at Midnight. ("Why would Italy burn a giant frog? Another argument with the French?" I wondered aloud to Nina, who's now living in Corsica)

So does Italy Hate the French?

And as for that "burning" business, I would have to see it to believe it.



EVENING and Shadow

and as midnight struck,

And a sparkler set off in the top of the Ranocchio's(frog) crown and HE BURNED
As fireworks blasted behind us and then to the left and then even a few to the right. To make sure everyone can see something, if not the giant Frog, then at least some fireworks as the band plays on into the night and the drinking and partying true Italian fashion.

And 5 minutes later, we're in scorching heat and Firefighters are swarming near the frog, to extinguish the fire when it gets to the remains.

BUON ANNO, here are some great photos.