Sunday, July 25, 2010

7 days in waiting, makes one weak.

In 7 days. 168 Hours. I will be departing for my first international flight alone. In reality, I've never travelled alone, at least not on an airplane. I travel frequently and have lived in Bangkok, Dubai, Vancouver and soon to be Bologna. I love flying and seeing the toy-like cars and scenery below the window as the air jets towards the sky and carries you towards exciting adventures.

I have travelled to Italy once before- 7 years ago. Now I will finally return to a place I sincerely loved and was fascinated with. Though I have only been to Rome and Florence, for less than a week, I am filled with excitement, anticipation and plans for the upcoming year.
Though the expression I do not like to use claims: It is a new page in my book of my life.
And I'm so excited and READY to start writing and living it.

I will stay in Greece for a month ( where I've never been before) and visit Poland for 4 days to revel in the glory of Chopin's 200th anniversary.

Monday, July 19, 2010

14 days to go

Hey All,
I'm Veronyka! Hopefully If you are reading this blog, you know me. In any case, I am ( in 14 days!) Heading to greece to see my Best Friend, spend 4 days in Poland, a month in greece and then onwards to italy, where I will be living in BOLOGNA for a whole year. To say I'm excited is a serious understatement.
This blog will let you know what I'm up to, allow me to share photos and keep the world and my friends updated about my (hopefully) amazing time in Italy.

I'm leaving in 14 days, already got my suitcase, am packing like mad.
Here's the plan: Depart from Vancouver on Aug 3. Fly to Amsterdam (layover of 5 hours!) then to Athens. I spend a night in Athens before heading onto Poland for four days! After those days, I'll head back to Athens. I'll keep you posted.

Ci Vediamo! Ciao