Sunday, August 29, 2010



In one week I will be flying to Bologna ( via a 2 hour lay over in Rome).
I will be flying All Italia and hopefully can practice my smooth italian with my fellow passengers and the flight attendants. I'll let you know if I meet a sweet talking man.

In the next 4 days, my best friend will be starting and attending her school, here in Greece. Leaving me with too much time on my hands during the day- so it's time to soak up as much Italian as possible. That means:
I will get sick of it.
I will be reading Dante
Watching Glee in Italian
Listening to Italian Music

speaking, listening and studying Italian as much as I can.

I hope you're ready, Bologna!!!

See you soon

Friday, August 27, 2010

Athenian Nights

"Athenian Nights, like Athenian Days, are hotter than hot, in a lot of good ways" - Aladdin.

Athens in Review

I am barely keeping up with my travel journal as it is. I absolutely adore the Athens Flea Market in Monastiraki. It's goods everywhere you look, large signs that scream prices, souvenirs of every sort in the stores, men yelling at you in a mix of languages, tourists surrounding the place, purchasing key chains, playing cards, rings, jewels. It's an array of excitement and magic and it is shaded from the heat in it's cool alleyways. A must go for any one planning to visit Athens.

Other amazing things in Athens, include:

The Olympic Stadium.

The old "Marble" Olympic stadium is a sight for any athlete, fan ( or tiffo= Italian) or even someone who's seen Gladiator. I doubt highly that that movie was filmed there, but I mention it for the sheer grandeur of the old stadium is breathtaking. For only 1, 50 E you can walk around the stands, see where the kings and queens sat, run the track, see the monuments in the middle of the track. And just for tourists, there is a podium with three places, for you to pose. This just happens to sit directly in front of the Olympic rings high atop the stadium. It's utterly gorgeous. Just another reason why the Greeks astound us even still.

Hadrian's Arch/ Temple of Olympian Zeus

My history teachers would cringe- for certainly somewhere in my years of Greek study and ancient mythology ( I remember vividly from grade 8) there must have been mention of the creation of these places, but if I ever knew, I cannot recall. Just the searing heat and staring at the gorgeous columns that used to be the temple of Zeus are radiant. Hadrian's Arch is more intact and would've led to the temple in those days. I can just imagine old men bustling about in Greek clothes, building, talking, haggling prices with merchants. brown from the sun exposure, happy from their good wine and conversation. History really speaks to you in Athens, no matter where you go, except probably the mall.

Yesterday, we traveled an hour outside of Athens to the temple of Poseidon.
I must say, though I was starving, it was sensational. We arrived there near 7:15 pm and we thought ( my best friend and I) that we would explore, take photos and meander back to the restaurant at the base of the hill ( not as impressive as the hill of the acropolis, but a rival for sure). We did a round of the temple, gorgeous marble columns through which you can see the sea. Beside us the sea rages on with a golden sun basing it's reflection on the cool blue water. The picture wanted me to jump off the cliff into the water instantly. We were, unbeknownst to us, staying for the sunset. I read the end of my thriller, eavesdropped on a group of Italians, who seemed to be gossiping about a friend of theirs and her new apartment, and watched the miraculous sun disappear behind the ocean, imaging that at that time, it was certain that the world was flat. The temple is my favorite of it's kind, since Poseidon is my personal favorite god in Greek mythology of the men at least and because this temple over looks the sea and the sun set in a way that would be captured in magazines to lure tourists such as me. Also to be captured in poems and words and writings, but they would not do the beauty justice.

Whats in a Name

In 9 days I will be on the plane to ITALY.

This is worth mentioning because it is the title of this travel blog, because I am absolutely thrilled to go to Italy and because I am ready to move to my home and unpack!

Point one- Travel Blog
This blog shall try to keep up with my business and traveling. I love traveling and may not be able to keep this too up to date, but It's to let you all, wherever yu may be - track my adventures. There are only so many things I can say in skype or emails or postcards.

Point Two- Italy .
About 7 years ago I went to Italy, Austria and Germany on spring break vacation accompanied by my amazing parents. The opportunity was divine and I remember spaghetti gelato ( gelato that is created in its entirety to look like a bowl of spaghetti), the trevi fountain, spanish steps, Florence, eating gelato every day and ridiculous tourist kiosks. I am beyond excited to return and though I'm not expecting much to be the same, I am looking forward to indulging in my favorite food in the whole world, study where Dante studied ( I am on chapter 3 iN ITALIAN of Dante's Inferno) and most of all, start practicing my italian!

Point Three-
If you really think about, I'm moving for a year and have been in "transit" for about a month now, staying at my friends house. Before that, I was at my brothers place ( thanks again, Bro!) for about 3 months. All this time I have been living out of suitcases, constantly repacking. I am thrilled to have a closet, and a bed I can start calling my own.

And of course the title of this blog post HAD to be Shakespearean, to comment on the fact that I will SOON BE STARING MY "Year In Italy". I'm only surprised it took me this long to mention good old Will Shakespeare.

So, now to explain this spaghetti gelato: it is vanilla gelato shaped like linguine, with large strawberries ( aka the meatballs), strawberry sauce ( Bolognese if you will) and coconut ( parmesan). It is divine to look at and consume and to remember and now I dread thinking about this, because It's getting close to midnight and I'm contemplating a snack.
This photo barely does the gelato justice:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Theatre Heaven

So the other day, honestly I can't remember which- they have all blended together. We decided to go to 4 glorious cities outside of Athens:


And each had their own beautiful distinct feature, Corinth the giant canal stretching miles of gorgeous blue ocean that makes me ( very much afraid of heights) want to jump off the bridge in to the peaceful water.

But one feature of these 4 will stand out for me- the theatre at Epidurus.

In Mycanae we travelled through a museum, explored the Lion's Gate ( see link)
and following that, explored excavations cites that had led to development of history, artifacts and museum additions for Greece.

Grave Circle A is there. The wind was so mighty that in a moment of picture taking, my white H&M fedora fell off my head- right into the restricted area. It was about a meter down from us and to the left there was a winding road that led down there, barred by a large "DO NOT ENTER" sign. It was a difficult choice, but I wandered down the walkway, as my hat was unmoving in the wind, hidden from it's extent in the ruins below, tiptoed through the ruins that apparently were not to be touched- though only a few stones peeked out from grass and sand, and then sprinted back up the hill. Fedora achieved and a very scandalous wind.

In Nafplio we indulged in a mouthwateringly amazing meal. Calamari, kebab and boiled vegetables. Following lunch, we headed up the street to a gelato place. We had ITALIAN ice cream in GREECE. However, the owner spoke french, italian and greek, so it was hard to know exactly what he really was- but the place claimed to be authentic. After that ( I had black berry as well as melon gelato) we travelled to an old castle, made by the Venetians. Then it had been used as a prison and now of course- stands as a tourist area.

From a theatre, acting and historical perspective- Epidaurus was sheer bliss for me. I have never been more elated then when I stepped into the giantess amphitheater. The sheer echo of the place brought chills to my skin. Standing in the middle reciting a very cheesy ( but I could think of NO GREEK LINES, even though I've listened to Medea countless times, studied Lysistrata and been in the chorus (twice) for Antigone, only Shakespeare, oh good old Will, came to mind) "TO BE OR NOT TO BE" can be heard through out the entirety of the seats.

Similarly, sitting at the very top, my simple clap echoes and seems to shake the theatre. I wish I could perform there. It sent inspirational chills up my spine. to make the whole thing complete, after wards, I purchased a Tragedy/Comedy masks set.

The significance of Greece on theatre cannot be overlooked (if my IB theatre class taught me anything). It was the most spectacular theatre of my life. I sincerely wish I have the pleasure of going back someday, seeing a show there would be bliss and performing there would bring me such unimaginable joy, it would not be able to be described in words.


And I hope one day you too will be able to travel to a place that speaks to the core of your hearts content.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Acropolis, at last

I looked at a postcard of Athens today, with 12 places that scream "Athens" and we didn't recognize one place. Good progress, right?
I will be leaving in 15 days, but I've seen everything in Athens already!
We explored 4 cities yesterday, driving such distances that your legs and head hurt, but this post shall be dedicated to The Acropolis.

If you've been reading, you know the Acropolis is trying to escape us- with the weather up to 39 last week, it was a bit ridiculous to try to venture up the giantess mountain. Today, the high was 27 ( not bad!) and it was beautifully windy.
After walking for what seems like hours in the New Archeological Museum ( this is the largest museum of my life, i promise you it is bigger than some of the castles you will visit in Hedeilberg or Warsaw) Massive and ( as much as I love history, ancient civilizations and pots) this was a bit redundant. One room held beautiful ancient vases, pots and some jewelry and there there was a room titled "vase collection" an as I walked in, I was sure I had been in there, but I had not already. It was ridiculous and I love me my museums.

So after that, my legs threatening to give out with pain already ( I bypassed two rooms of the giant museum due to pain and sat down, staring thoughtfully at the "Mask of Agamemnon") we had planned to visit the elusive Acropolis.

Ow was the first thing that came to mind, then a lot of "WOW"
then a photo snapped of the sign that read "DO NOT TOUCH THE MARBLE"
Of course on my way out, I merely poked one column near the entrance into the Acropolis, not the Parthenon, don't worry.

It was beautiful, windy ( I almost lost my hat to the city of Athens) panoramic views= of Athens every way you turn. I turned on a video and spun in a circle, capturing Athens and the Parthenon.

All sorts of amazing, and I can't even describe why. A bunch of columns- ancient ones. But it demonstrates the height of Athens, the beauty of sculpture and how amazingly skilled the Greeks were at building structures to last this long.
I bet when they were building it, two men sat around and said.

1: imagine how long this building will last!
2: not that long, probably be eroded in a few centuries.
1: I bet it will last until the tenth century!

Alright, so I'm not an ancient greek man. But could you just imagine being someone who helped put that together, they could never imagine what the world will be like or how long it would last!
What Wonders will survive our generation to be put on display, charged to see and bring people from around the world to see?

Seriously though, it was beautiful, captivating and worth the climb and the 6 euro I did not have to pay ( she didn't believe my claims that I was studying in Bologna on exchange)

I don't blame her- I can hardly believe it.
To put in context though- almost every place we've gone ( save for two- Hadrian's Arc and the Acropolis) my UBC student card and a mention of "I'm studying in Italy, in Bologna" has bypassed the payment for many, many attractions.

I'm not bitter about paying, but it is a fact that the EU students get in free or lowered discounts- and I, even though it sounds like a lie still, am going to be an EU student frighteningly soon, so I'd prefer to save my Euros for the glorious trips, souvenirs and cuisine of this magical place. That, is a fact.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Same Same But Different

It's odd how you forget somethings. I forgot about the ants.
To be more specific, I used to know how to deal with them. In Bangkok, I lived a year being able to know which ants to kill, how to kill them, whether they were harmless and invading my things or evil. I also used to be able to follow an ant trail like nothing else. Last night, at around 1 in the morning, as I was getting ready for bed, I decided to find one of my journals, to leave a little poem about Athens and my travels so far ( to be posted soon) and instead found an infestation of sugar ants. An infestation is a bit of exaggeration, but now still, in the morning, I have no clue where they are coming from, where they are going, If they are eating my sweets, infesting my suitcase or what exactly is happening. I bashed them with the magazine and you would believe that I had never dealt with them before. I'm not one to be afraid of spiders or ants or anything of the sort ( the ones that fly, send me flying out the room however.) I was abashed at my behaviour last night, so for now I have a collection of small sugar ants in my suitcase.
I will solve the myserty of what they need soon, hopefully before I take them with me to Italy.

I am set to fly to BOLOGNA on September 6th. I have only 3 hours traveling and a two hour lay over in Rome. I am terribly excited and terribly conscious that my Italian is seriously under par. So like any golfer in languages, I'm practicing.

I purchased, at Winners before I left a book on sale from 30 to 7$ (5.52 Euros according to Wolfram Alpha) and this book "ITALIAN BEYOND BASICS" complete with a 7-cd set, is helping me practice my ghastly pronunciation, understanding and reviewing my grammar.

Here, you ( yes that's right YOU!) can learn Italian too:

Parlo motlo in Italiano perché voglio impararlo bene!
I speak Italian a lot because I want to learn it well!

Non buttare via la pasta! mangiala!
Don't throw the pasta away! Eat it!

Io abito a Bologna!
I live in Bologna!

Just from that you've learned vocab! grammar of present tense ( sentence 1 & 3) infinitive of the verb to throw ( sentence two) and that I will live in Bologna. Oh My, what a great lesson!

Continuing on, I "google mapped" my address and here it is: MY HOME FOR THE NEXT YEAR.
Street name?
Via Stalingrado. It's meant to be, honestly!

Also, lasting note, If you have no idea what Wolfram Alpha is- get ready and excited.
It's a pretty excited website which groups together useful data.
Try heading to the website ( if you're bored, which you must be if you're reading my blog!) and type in "7 Euros to canadian dollars" or any mathematical equation ( you might even get a graph) or just head to the example page. My personal favorite though, is typing in my own name ( there is a dwarf planet out there somewhere named Veronika.) It also tells you how common your name is, in the world. Languages are pretty sweet too. Then if you're getting bored do a comparison.
Such as: Dan vs John
Audrey Hepburn vs James Dean
or my favorite: Japanese, Italian and English.

BAM! tables of information.

Well it's time for me to get ready to go to Corinth.

BLOG you later, alligator.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Temperatures range today from highs of 37 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius, but mainly linger at 33. Yesterday, as the day was (relatively) cool, we travelled ancient agora and the beautiful remains, making a plan ( yet again) to go to THE ACROPOLIS. Tomorrow, we say, when we have better shoes. the pair of sandals I wear cost my 3 euro at a vendor and from all the walking we have done, all I can imagine is sitting in a room with air conditioning and curling up with a good book. We vow, tomorrow we will FINALLY go to the Acropolis.
To explain this "finally" I shall tell you how our days have been spent since arrival in Athens on the tenth of August, as is now the 19th. But first I too explain that today, for reasons concerning the ungodly heat of this godlike place, we did not ( though we wore running shoes) make it to the magically elusive Acropolis. ( see photo)

Arrival and More
So on the tenth of August, we arrived to Athens from Darling, lovely ( and cool!) Warsaw, Poland. If you've been reading, you know we stayed there 3 nights and on the 4th day, boarded a plane to come to Athens and the Athenian heat.
On our first night in Athens ( August tenth) we arrived by the Agean sea at a lovely, hill -top restaurant to celebrate (with her whole family) my best friend's 20th Birthday! As the sun set, the restaurant serving Italian and french amazing sea food cuisine was relatively empty. I've learned to judge a restaurant by it's busyness. If one is deserted, and one such as this, it may not mean good things. Nonetheless, we order calamari and Asparagus soups and Greek salads for starters. Then we move onto the main course ( I order seafood pasta with a single Prawn and Mussel on the side, basked in a mouthwatering Lobster sauce)
For a seafood freak as myself, it was the most amazing meal. Then as ten pm hits, the restaurant is filled with tourists and locals alike, ready for a night of fine dining. We travel home, too content to look out the window and see the dark sights of Athens before us, for we will explore tomorrow, after an amazing night's sleep. Following the cake, how could it not be?

August Eleventh: Monastiraki, the Athens Flea Market and some European Shopping
We arrive to visit Hadrian's Library ( free for students of the EU!) and old pillars and columns of the place that once was. We get our first taste of remains, as well as some sculptures and pots found from the early centuries of civilization. It's captivating and magnificent and I breathe in history, making me almost want to start learning history and all those dreaded dates again, or at least pick up The Iliad. Then we walk through the narrow streets of the Athens flew market, where some things are always the same wherever you go. Discount souvenirs ( or so they say) and hats, greek dresses, sandals, more souvenirs and all you could ever want peeks out at every corner, with greek and asian men trying to barter us down to pay their price, which we as travelers know, is ridiculous.
I buy a box of figs from a street vendor and my mouth waters at the thought of eating them. After the flea market, we're too thirsty and tired to think, so we find a trusty Starbucks and sit down to enjoy a coffee and croissant. The Starbucks prices make me shocked out of my skin- as I'm still converting and after washing my beloved Figs, I indulge in a few. Bites from heaven, for sure. Then, ready to navigate the system like natives, we hop onto the Metro and then the bus that will take us home. A sensational first day.

Now I can explain the need, nay the want to visit the darling unachievable sight of all time- the Acropolis, that watches us, atop it's magnificent hill top. After the first day, we vow, we will see Acropolis and plan to on the Twelfth. Then, the sunlight and the heat thwarts our plans, so we merely visit the New Acropolis Museum, at the base of the hill. Then passes more days with promises of visiting the ever elusive Acropolis. Then day by day passes and still, no mountain climbing, no racing up the hill to see the Parthenon. But then we hear a warning of a heat wave ("It will get up to the 40s" and thank the gods ( the Greek ones of course) that it only reaches 39" Then we hear another warning "in the early morning, you barely see a thing, since all the big tours go then" so we are thwarted yet again.

And here I sit on the nineteenth of August and the Acropolis escaped us yet again. Had we worn better shoes yesterday, the not-really-hot day would have allowed us to climb up and see the beautiful ( I'm assuming) and ancient Acropolis.
But alas, as I've said all week.

"Let's save it for another day" it is after all, one hell of a hike.
It reminds me of the Shrine of the Báb in Haifa, Israel. ( To which I travelled in 2008)
The terraces leading up Mount Carmel would definitely rival hiking up the Acropolis, or even the steps up the the endless castles in Germany. However, it must be noted that these 19 terraces would never ( by me in any sanity) be attempted in this Athenian HEAT!

Goodbye Poland

On August 10, 2010 I took a flight with my best friend from Warsaw to Athens. This was the only flight of mine so far to have been delayed, or really to have any trouble at all. We filed down a staircase, loaded into a bus and sat for at least 20 minutes before instructed that our plane had technical difficulties and we would need to wait for a different aircraft. We filed back upstairs ( most people with suitcases,small but still awkward) and sat in the now super crowded waiting room. Having lost our seats, we relaxed on the floor of the terminal, waiting with our books and dreadfully hungry- for 45 minutes. Again we loaded into a bus down stairs, and finally we got driven to our small aircraft.

The flight itself was short, but felt to take an age, since all we wanted was to be back home in Athens. WE were craving the heat and the air-conditioning on the flight was ridiculous. The woman beside me requested a blanket only to be instructed "blankets are only for business class" ( business class on this plane, it should be noted was the first two rows with slightly more foot room, separated from us commoners by a curtain draped over the third row ( our row!) the flight attendant then told the woman that she would request the captain to turn up the heat. As I was also freezing, I was glad at the news. However, nothing seemed to change. Dressed for Athens already, I was too cold to even sleep on the flight and too hungry ( their generic mayonnaise slathered sandwich did not suffice, it may have, had I not been a picky eater since I was three).

The flight was short and soon we arrived in Athens, greeted by our driver and my best friend's family.

All in all a beautiful country, I loved Poland and will someday return for certain.
It was a divine gorgeous European town with colorful buildings, life bursting from every street corner and masked in more history than you can ever imagine.

Au Reviour, Warsaw, greetings Athens!

And to note, for one of my many flights to go be delayed, have bad air conditioning and bad food, I'm glad it was the shortest one and the one where I was not alone, but among friends.

Stay tuned, for more tales from the Traveller.

Monday, August 9, 2010

See you later, Warsaw

Those photos were taken by me and my beloved Camera during my few glorious days in Poland.

Goodbye to Warsaw. After my four day trip here ( 2 spent sightseeing and visiting everything related to Chopin, enjoying the downtown, old town and new town of Warsaw and one spent shopping in the local mall where Audrey Hepburn memorabilia and Polish were purchased!) Then the last ( tomorrow) will be spent in TRAVEL back to Athens.

Next we will explore and discover Athens.
But to recap and give Poland the best review, this blog post will be dedicated to.

For the 200th ANNIVERSARY of Chopin, the music and air of Warsaw is filled with memory ( also as it is the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising) all amidst the beautiful european lifestyle and architecturally beautiful buildings, which I absolutely ADORE.

Chopin Statue in Chopin Park in Warsaw:

Though I barely saw what really makes Poland real and just experienced the whole scape of the city in two days in the capital and just the capital, I will leave enjoying my time here very much and with hopes to some day return to Warsaw and explore more of Poland.
The people are friendly and kind, the food close to my roots and delicious and the weather is perfect for this time of year. So I do recommend someday for you, whoever is reading this, to go on and visit Poland someday and explore the beautiful, yet tragic city of Warsaw.

Enjoy these photos of Warsaw and the places I saw.

Till next time, Tales from the traveller.
Yes Vee, I wish i was traveling through time in the likes of BBC's DOCTOR WHO television show about a time traveling alien who is somehow British.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

From Poland with Love

Yesterday, at around 6pm, I arrived from Athens to Warsaw. After a 2 hour flight, half communicating with a drunk polish man, both of us in broken Russian ( I made the mistake of speaking to him in russian at the start of the flight and he wouldn't let me alone) I arrived in Warsaw, delighted for once this trip, to be off of the plane!
I read some, listened to some and enjoyed some moments of Glee on my ipod. GO ITOUCH!

My time in Athens was short for now, a day spent sulking in the heat and sinking in the sun at 30 degree weather and memories of Thailand, with large leaved trees, hot weather and since I'm staying with my Thai best friend- many Thai souvenirs and things like that, plus THAI FOOD! It was miraculous, but still an in between, as I had just arrived, was super jet lagged and could not bear to travel around a city I didn't know, quite yet.

I packed for my 4 day excursion to Poland and sit now in Warsaw, after a long day (from 9:30 in the morning to 5 pm) of exploring downtown, the new town and old town of Warsaw.
Beautiful, colorful and yet filled with a depressing bit of history, the town is barely filled with anyone in the morning, as we wander the streets, taking snapshots of every moment that we can and all the beautiful European buildings.

Then by Noon, the narrow streets are crowded with tourists and natives alike, buying ice-cream ( lody) and shopping, enjoying the somewhat chilly weather, requiring us to bring an umbrella in the morning, but growing into the 20s.

The dazzling city is captivating, the Holy Cross church that hold's Chopin's heart seen in this photo was gorgeous inside and out, more homes and churches line the skyline of Warsaw, glittering in the sun. The city is bubbling with thoughts and memories and music of CHOPIN as it is his 200th anniversary. Singing erupts from the streets ( not even kidding, a man just starting singing in beautiful polish!) and an accordion street musician joins in, outside one of the many churches that spot the people-filled streets.

We enjoyed Polish food that closely reminds me of Ukrainian/Russian food ( Perogies sent from heaven and juice just like my mother used to make : Kwas ( or Kvac)) and wandered the streets, till about ready to drop dead from sleep deprivation ( and jet lag) and hours of walking.

But of this day, I have no regrets.
Tomorrow we will explore more of Poland and on the tenth, we shall go back to Athens and start to explore the ancient city there, making our way slowly through as much of Europe as we can in this summer month left before University resumes.

Stay tuned, for more tales from the traveller!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Route To....

Arrival at YVR: 4 pm.
Check in was seriously shortened because I already checked in online. I saved myself a 40 person line up. SUITCASES PERFECT! The carry-ons were not weighed ( miracle!) Waited around for a few hours, caught my flight to AMSTERDAM at around 20:25.
9:30 minutes of eating ( I have special, low sodium meals, so they come before anyone else’s!) watching Iron Man 2, The Office, How I Met your Mother, Friends. reading magazines, Charlie St. Cloud and studying Italian. LIstened to music, Rihanna and Buddy Holly and Build Me Up Buttercup by the temptations.
Jet off into the night sky, leaving Canada and my whole life behind.
Got scolded by the flight attendant ( stewardess!) that helped me put my suitcase into the overhead rack. QUOTE: oh, so heavy, next time you should check it.

9 hours and 30 minutes of flying later, only 4 of which were spent in repose, We arrive to Amsterdam. ( was not actually at this sign, wishing I was!)

My connecting flight is in 5 hours, so I finish my book, snack on the chocolate I thoughtful bought from IKEA in Vancouver days before and snap about a thousand meaningless Amsterdam airport photos.
HOLLAH! FOR HOLLAND! Internet too expensive and staying away from the Casino ( good Idea!) tempted by the Spa in the airport, then glanced at the prices and retreated back to my book, travel journal and comfy relaxing seating.

5 hours later ( and many entries in my travel journal) I find myself in Gate D59 of Amsterdam, waiting for my plane to ATHENS. Beside me, and filling up the seats around are Greeks and Dutch everywhere I look. Then I spot another cute greek boy. Am reminded of the VERY talkative, but gorgeous security that had “checked” my baggage hours before.

Fun Fact: on the KLM flight to AMS, under classic movies, both LORD OF THE RINGS ( I so do agree) and THE HANGOVER ( wow, really?) were listed as


I mean, don’t get me wrong, the hangover is HILARIOUS. BUT A classic? I’d prefer to see some classical old movies on there. Who wouldn’t love to watch ROMAN HOLIDAY or Breakfast at Tiffany’s on your way around the world?

Ah! As I was sitting waiting for my flight to Athens, all I could think about was my excitement and then my serious hunger, as my stomach grumbled loudly! Voglio mangiare! Ma, non ho cibo e non voglio comprare!

As I steal the wrong seat, 20D ( I was in 19D to AMS!) I sit beside a nice British couple and a baby sits behind me with his mother. I move shortly after, as the real owner of 20D comes by and I remember, thats right! I requested a window seat, not Aisle! So I move to 20A and am seated happily, looking out the window, the KLM logo on the wing bobbing up and down as we dip through the clouds and they look like blankets of snow that I wish to lie upon, close my eyes and sleep, but alas, must battle the jet lag and cannot succumb to the sinister sweet temptations of sleep. Luckily the baby is crying behind us, forcing me to stay awake. I shoot another coffee through my system, read some more of LADY CHATTERLY’S Lover and greedily and excitingly write “TEN MINUTES TO ATHENS” in my travel journal, misreading the time. That’s an hour and ten minutes to go and I’m loving every minute. This is where I belong.

To explain the simple elation filled with me the instant we soared into the air on towards AMS is nearly impossible. A climax of emotion tumbling forward, encasing me and disbelief clouds over them, like a horrible shroud. This is who I truly am, a traveller.

So stay tuned, for more tales from the traveller.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nothing like the Present

In roughly 5 hours, I will be going to the YVR airport to check in my bags ( already checked in online, RAD!)

I might have a slight issue with Overweight luggage, but hopefully KLM is nice to me! I'll be sure to smile a lot.
Big luggage: cannot exceed 23 kg; MY WEIGHT; 23.1
Hand luggage: cannot exceed 12kg; my weight: 7kg backpack + 13 kg mini suitcase

I will be departing from Canada which I have called home for 2 years- at around 8pm and after 9:30 hours in the air, will be in Amsterdam.
I will go crazy, enjoying the airport and all it's luxury for 5 HOURS!
Then on towards Athens!
After one night in Athens ( the 5th) I will fly to Poland on the 6th of August and be reunited with one of my best friends, enjoy Poland and the wonders that are there ( chopin, people!) and lounge around, getting over jet lag ( hopefully.)

Then back to ATHENS. For a month ( roughly).

So ya, I think I might say I'm excited, nervous, stressed, freaked out, panicky and EXCITED!!!!!

Ciao, Canada.
See you later!
>Flying KLM

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow

You're only a day away!
So tomorrow, I will:

Wake up.
Leave at 4.
Bus for a half hour with two suitcases and a backpack.
Arrive at YVR.
Board my flight.
FLY for 9:30 hours!
Chill in Amsterdam for a layover of 5 HOURS!!!
Then fly a 3 hour flight to Athens.

But super super excited.

More tales from the traveller, coming soon.