Saturday, April 2, 2011

Very Versailles

Japanese Art Invades the Castle.

In paris, the girl I stayed with ( a friend of a friend) had to surprise her best friend with a birthday party. So as a distraction while the others could set up the party, she took us to Versailles.
Every year Versailles hosts a modern artist and his works in the castle.
This year's exhibition ( which I was fortunate enough to see for free) was featuring Japanese artist Takashi Muramaki.

He says himself: "{about Europe} “everything is transmitted to us {the japanese} as a fantastic tale coming from a very distant kingdom.”

Though at times the neon colored japanese statues of anime like characters seemed very out of place in the gorgeous castle that holds history and ancient relics of the French Royals, the over all effect was astounding. I cherish the opportunity that allowed me to see the Japanese art work and Versailles, melded together with commentary on history and consumerism ( a certain sculpture of a cola bottle was made intirely of colored diamonds).

Take a look for yourself and decide how you feel about the Japanese art in Versailles.

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