Sunday, July 25, 2010

7 days in waiting, makes one weak.

In 7 days. 168 Hours. I will be departing for my first international flight alone. In reality, I've never travelled alone, at least not on an airplane. I travel frequently and have lived in Bangkok, Dubai, Vancouver and soon to be Bologna. I love flying and seeing the toy-like cars and scenery below the window as the air jets towards the sky and carries you towards exciting adventures.

I have travelled to Italy once before- 7 years ago. Now I will finally return to a place I sincerely loved and was fascinated with. Though I have only been to Rome and Florence, for less than a week, I am filled with excitement, anticipation and plans for the upcoming year.
Though the expression I do not like to use claims: It is a new page in my book of my life.
And I'm so excited and READY to start writing and living it.

I will stay in Greece for a month ( where I've never been before) and visit Poland for 4 days to revel in the glory of Chopin's 200th anniversary.

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