Friday, September 3, 2010


TODAY, I have fallen in love.

( you honestly think I would blog about my romantic life!?)

I am 3 days away from Bologna and I do believe that it has HIT ME.
Today, I practiced some dialogues, quizzed myself on quizlet( a god send!) and wrote some notes from my textbook.

While I was listening to these dialogues, I could not stop SMILING! It's like when you get your braces off and you cannot stop your mouth from smiling? That is exactly what happened.
I was sitting here, reciting some mundane dialogue about Giovanna and Francesca purchasing a gift for Guiliana and I couldn't get the smile off my face.
This is a spectacular thing to be sure.
Here I am sitting in Athens, studying Italian with a broad smile on my face, so excited for what's to come.

Oh Mio Dio! Che bouna fortuna che io posso andare a Bologna!

Time to get back to studying!

Some new words recently learned:

Foulard- Scarf
Faccia- Face
Zanzara- Mosquito
Formica- Ant
Ombra- Shadow
Urlo- Howl

And I cannot wait to see "Going the Distance" someday soon in Bologna.
Or as it is in Italian "Love over a thousand miles"


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