Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday Milan

Monday September 13th was an eventful day.
We ( my roommates and I) rose at 7 and headed into town, where we caught the 8:00 am train to Milan. Three hours and two coffees and some reading later, we arrived at the gorgeous fashion capital.
After taking the metro ( so chic it even has a station called "ZARA") the sight ahead was the granduer and vast archiac design of the duomo.

They should really warn you, for as you climb the steps out of teh underground train around the city the glorious majestic church rises out above you. The piazza is scattered with tourists and fashion capital natives as the bustling life continues. To our right is a grand arch in which stores such as Prada, Louis Vioutton and the most stylish Macdonalds I have ever seen, dwell. To our left is a grand screen playing advertisements and projecting it's Italian messages to the Piazza. It's an outstanding contrast to the ancient duomo that shadows over the Piazza and the statue in it. Complete with lions and a horses.

Not much else of the city of Milan was seen. In the barely there rain and warm weather of a ( not yet vile) September, we walked the small european streets, spotting vespas and small cars the like. We reached the main shopping street, with stores of brands and also office towers of the store companies. We shopped ( un po') a little and mainly walked along the city streets, taking in the sights. I purchased a pair of flip flops that read (E Poi Amore) "And then love" for 3E and am sad to say that is the only thing I purchased in Milan, fashion capital, already advertising fashion shows for next year.

We passed a beautiful courtyard, with few steps leading up to it and grand arches of wall surrounding it, guarding it from the rain. I've been told it was used for fashion shows before, as a make shift catwalk and wanted to strut my stuff there, where the people sat, smoking, chatting and enjoying their pizza.

After the limited shopping, we explored the university, with it's grandiose beautiful courtyards, many levels and bustling student life was exhilarating. We stopped for a cafe along the way, to recharge with a cappuccino and continued on exploring the glorious university.
Afterwards, we walked the city until night fell, explored the different landmarks and took poor photos in the darkness, finding fountains, theatres, cathedrals and a buffet game festival, from which I got some lollipops.

Milan is gorgeous, bustling and a must see for all fashion or Italy travel enthusiasts.


Piazza in Milan.
Triumphal Arch on Duomo Piazza
Duomo Piazza Statue, with Ray Ban logo in the background.
Duomo Milan
Duomo Milan as the sun it setting.

Here is a video of us at Milan for you to enjoy.
Thanks for reading.

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