Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bonjour Paris

There's no doubt Audrey Hepburn is an icon. She's gorgeous, hilarious and an amazing actress. I promoted Audrey Hepburn to my favorite actress in my first year of University.

I genuinely think she is an amazing actress and don't love her because she's an icon, but in spite of it. Sure it's great to be able to find bags with her face on them, shirts with her posters of Breakfast at Tiffany's, It's pleasant, but I love her entirely and without that.
I don't love Marilyn because she's an icon. I don't know her, I haven't seen her movies, so I can't justly love her because everyone else does.

In first year, I bought a great big poster of Audrey (which scares VeronicaJ and Yuki to this day) and tried to see as many of her movies as I could. My favorite (in first year) was Funny Face, a musical starring Fred Astaire.
PLOT: A magazine company takes the average woman (Hepburn!) and brings her to Paris for a photo shoot. There's a catch of course. Audrey despises the materialist magazine, but agrees to come along because a great philospher lives in Paris, whom shes dying to meet and who says no to free airfare?

Anyway, As I am getting excited for PARIS! I leave in about 2 days! I want to watch all the Audrey Hepburn Paris related movies as I can:
Paris When It Sizzles.
How To Steal a Million
Funny Face.

Just like I was watching Roman Holiday in anticipation.
Now I want to memorize this song and BELT it in Paris.


So Paris, in two days. BONJOUR!!!!!

PS. I checked out a French travel phrase book from the library! Problem? It's Italian-French. IT MIGHT be helpful.

Au Reviour!

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