Thursday, October 28, 2010

Verona et un mois avant Paris

This weekend is a long weekend. And I mean, on top of the fact that I only have one class on thursdays (yes, intentional) and no classes on Friday.

So, what we know as Halloween is the day of the dead and means in Europe, Monday is no school.
This weekend also happens to be a regional conference for my faith
(Baha'i, for more information, I urge you to check out )
I will be attending this conference (conducted in Italian) near Verona. So on Saturday morning, at about 8 I will take the train to Verona.
More details of the trip to come shortly after.

Also from a whimsical search on ( a fantastic flight service for Europe!!) and Nina telling me "I'm going to Germany for 5 days" I searched Paris.
I studied french for 4 years in Middle School, but with time, lack of practice and no motivation, all of it has faded away.

So I found tickets to PARIS from Bologna for 21. Euros per person. I searched frantically for someone to go with, or I would ( I don't doubt this) GO MYSELF. I asked people I knew in Europe, maybe someone would even MEET me there?
Then passing my roommate in the hall, Gorgeous Gloria, I asked.
"want to go to Paris?" when she replied "Of course, It's one of my goals for this year" I showed her the ticket prices.
After consulting with our other roommate Stunning Sara, we decided YES WE WOULD GO TO PARIS.
So a few days later, perhaps even a week, here I sit, after having purchased tickets to Paris.

We will be there for 5 days in November.
That's right, this time next month, I'll be attempting french, as if I had never spoken it before.

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