Friday, October 29, 2010

The Wonder of Livorno

Livorno is amazing for many reasons, but probably the ones that will wow you most are these.

I spent less than an hour in the town and knew for certain, that I was in love with it. I've always belonged near the ocean and Livorno seemed to be Bologna, on the ocean. As a port, it's advantageous for travel by boat ( a super plus) and it's gloriously beautiful, quaint and the colors of the sun set illuminate the town with dark red and romantic pinks.

let me be clear, I'm this in love with Livorno and we only saw most of the city by bus.
It was a chemistry with the place, I just knew, If I wasn't in Bologna, I would live here ( and told myself I wanted to some day) in Livorno.
It's small, so it doesn't have the crowds of tourists, but it's lively, the town square illuminated with gold and a merry go round. Actually merry go rounds spot the whole city in different places. It's quaint and certainly Italian, by the sea and finally, in glorious Tuscany.

It's about 20 minutes from Pisa and an hour from Firenze.
For me, it's the perfect city.
And Like I said, I only saw it on bus. We got off to take photos of the sunset, grab dinner ( four nectarines which were drops of godly heavenly fruit in our mouths) and climb lamp posts for photos all by the raging and yet calm ocean.

Livorno for me, was the perfect combination reminded me of Tel Aviv, Canada, Athens and Bologna all at the same time.

My heart was at home in this beautiful town, just sitting on the sea, on a haze of pink.

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