Saturday, August 7, 2010

From Poland with Love

Yesterday, at around 6pm, I arrived from Athens to Warsaw. After a 2 hour flight, half communicating with a drunk polish man, both of us in broken Russian ( I made the mistake of speaking to him in russian at the start of the flight and he wouldn't let me alone) I arrived in Warsaw, delighted for once this trip, to be off of the plane!
I read some, listened to some and enjoyed some moments of Glee on my ipod. GO ITOUCH!

My time in Athens was short for now, a day spent sulking in the heat and sinking in the sun at 30 degree weather and memories of Thailand, with large leaved trees, hot weather and since I'm staying with my Thai best friend- many Thai souvenirs and things like that, plus THAI FOOD! It was miraculous, but still an in between, as I had just arrived, was super jet lagged and could not bear to travel around a city I didn't know, quite yet.

I packed for my 4 day excursion to Poland and sit now in Warsaw, after a long day (from 9:30 in the morning to 5 pm) of exploring downtown, the new town and old town of Warsaw.
Beautiful, colorful and yet filled with a depressing bit of history, the town is barely filled with anyone in the morning, as we wander the streets, taking snapshots of every moment that we can and all the beautiful European buildings.

Then by Noon, the narrow streets are crowded with tourists and natives alike, buying ice-cream ( lody) and shopping, enjoying the somewhat chilly weather, requiring us to bring an umbrella in the morning, but growing into the 20s.

The dazzling city is captivating, the Holy Cross church that hold's Chopin's heart seen in this photo was gorgeous inside and out, more homes and churches line the skyline of Warsaw, glittering in the sun. The city is bubbling with thoughts and memories and music of CHOPIN as it is his 200th anniversary. Singing erupts from the streets ( not even kidding, a man just starting singing in beautiful polish!) and an accordion street musician joins in, outside one of the many churches that spot the people-filled streets.

We enjoyed Polish food that closely reminds me of Ukrainian/Russian food ( Perogies sent from heaven and juice just like my mother used to make : Kwas ( or Kvac)) and wandered the streets, till about ready to drop dead from sleep deprivation ( and jet lag) and hours of walking.

But of this day, I have no regrets.
Tomorrow we will explore more of Poland and on the tenth, we shall go back to Athens and start to explore the ancient city there, making our way slowly through as much of Europe as we can in this summer month left before University resumes.

Stay tuned, for more tales from the traveller!

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  1. every time you refer to "tales of the traveler" my mind immediately thinks of doctor who. you're pretending you're a time traveler aren't you? you totally are. i can tell. cuz if you're not. i totally would be. and now. you will. because i mentioned it. :P