Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nothing like the Present

In roughly 5 hours, I will be going to the YVR airport to check in my bags ( already checked in online, RAD!)

I might have a slight issue with Overweight luggage, but hopefully KLM is nice to me! I'll be sure to smile a lot.
Big luggage: cannot exceed 23 kg; MY WEIGHT; 23.1
Hand luggage: cannot exceed 12kg; my weight: 7kg backpack + 13 kg mini suitcase

I will be departing from Canada which I have called home for 2 years- at around 8pm and after 9:30 hours in the air, will be in Amsterdam.
I will go crazy, enjoying the airport and all it's luxury for 5 HOURS!
Then on towards Athens!
After one night in Athens ( the 5th) I will fly to Poland on the 6th of August and be reunited with one of my best friends, enjoy Poland and the wonders that are there ( chopin, people!) and lounge around, getting over jet lag ( hopefully.)

Then back to ATHENS. For a month ( roughly).

So ya, I think I might say I'm excited, nervous, stressed, freaked out, panicky and EXCITED!!!!!

Ciao, Canada.
See you later!
>Flying KLM

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