Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goodbye Poland

On August 10, 2010 I took a flight with my best friend from Warsaw to Athens. This was the only flight of mine so far to have been delayed, or really to have any trouble at all. We filed down a staircase, loaded into a bus and sat for at least 20 minutes before instructed that our plane had technical difficulties and we would need to wait for a different aircraft. We filed back upstairs ( most people with suitcases,small but still awkward) and sat in the now super crowded waiting room. Having lost our seats, we relaxed on the floor of the terminal, waiting with our books and dreadfully hungry- for 45 minutes. Again we loaded into a bus down stairs, and finally we got driven to our small aircraft.

The flight itself was short, but felt to take an age, since all we wanted was to be back home in Athens. WE were craving the heat and the air-conditioning on the flight was ridiculous. The woman beside me requested a blanket only to be instructed "blankets are only for business class" ( business class on this plane, it should be noted was the first two rows with slightly more foot room, separated from us commoners by a curtain draped over the third row ( our row!) the flight attendant then told the woman that she would request the captain to turn up the heat. As I was also freezing, I was glad at the news. However, nothing seemed to change. Dressed for Athens already, I was too cold to even sleep on the flight and too hungry ( their generic mayonnaise slathered sandwich did not suffice, it may have, had I not been a picky eater since I was three).

The flight was short and soon we arrived in Athens, greeted by our driver and my best friend's family.

All in all a beautiful country, I loved Poland and will someday return for certain.
It was a divine gorgeous European town with colorful buildings, life bursting from every street corner and masked in more history than you can ever imagine.

Au Reviour, Warsaw, greetings Athens!

And to note, for one of my many flights to go be delayed, have bad air conditioning and bad food, I'm glad it was the shortest one and the one where I was not alone, but among friends.

Stay tuned, for more tales from the Traveller.

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