Monday, August 9, 2010

See you later, Warsaw

Those photos were taken by me and my beloved Camera during my few glorious days in Poland.

Goodbye to Warsaw. After my four day trip here ( 2 spent sightseeing and visiting everything related to Chopin, enjoying the downtown, old town and new town of Warsaw and one spent shopping in the local mall where Audrey Hepburn memorabilia and Polish were purchased!) Then the last ( tomorrow) will be spent in TRAVEL back to Athens.

Next we will explore and discover Athens.
But to recap and give Poland the best review, this blog post will be dedicated to.

For the 200th ANNIVERSARY of Chopin, the music and air of Warsaw is filled with memory ( also as it is the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising) all amidst the beautiful european lifestyle and architecturally beautiful buildings, which I absolutely ADORE.

Chopin Statue in Chopin Park in Warsaw:

Though I barely saw what really makes Poland real and just experienced the whole scape of the city in two days in the capital and just the capital, I will leave enjoying my time here very much and with hopes to some day return to Warsaw and explore more of Poland.
The people are friendly and kind, the food close to my roots and delicious and the weather is perfect for this time of year. So I do recommend someday for you, whoever is reading this, to go on and visit Poland someday and explore the beautiful, yet tragic city of Warsaw.

Enjoy these photos of Warsaw and the places I saw.

Till next time, Tales from the traveller.
Yes Vee, I wish i was traveling through time in the likes of BBC's DOCTOR WHO television show about a time traveling alien who is somehow British.

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  1. veronyka is GONE!
    she's GONE
    oh i miss her so much!
    i do not miss her.

    i'm just kidding. of COURSE i miss you!
    i'm watching that episode on tv right now though and so felt the need to comment it on your blog.
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    i dunno.
    i also feel the need to comment on every posting. and so this fulfills that need.

    YAY! shout out from the time traveller!