Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Route To....

Arrival at YVR: 4 pm.
Check in was seriously shortened because I already checked in online. I saved myself a 40 person line up. SUITCASES PERFECT! The carry-ons were not weighed ( miracle!) Waited around for a few hours, caught my flight to AMSTERDAM at around 20:25.
9:30 minutes of eating ( I have special, low sodium meals, so they come before anyone else’s!) watching Iron Man 2, The Office, How I Met your Mother, Friends. reading magazines, Charlie St. Cloud and studying Italian. LIstened to music, Rihanna and Buddy Holly and Build Me Up Buttercup by the temptations.
Jet off into the night sky, leaving Canada and my whole life behind.
Got scolded by the flight attendant ( stewardess!) that helped me put my suitcase into the overhead rack. QUOTE: oh, so heavy, next time you should check it.

9 hours and 30 minutes of flying later, only 4 of which were spent in repose, We arrive to Amsterdam. ( was not actually at this sign, wishing I was!)

My connecting flight is in 5 hours, so I finish my book, snack on the chocolate I thoughtful bought from IKEA in Vancouver days before and snap about a thousand meaningless Amsterdam airport photos.
HOLLAH! FOR HOLLAND! Internet too expensive and staying away from the Casino ( good Idea!) tempted by the Spa in the airport, then glanced at the prices and retreated back to my book, travel journal and comfy relaxing seating.

5 hours later ( and many entries in my travel journal) I find myself in Gate D59 of Amsterdam, waiting for my plane to ATHENS. Beside me, and filling up the seats around are Greeks and Dutch everywhere I look. Then I spot another cute greek boy. Am reminded of the VERY talkative, but gorgeous security that had “checked” my baggage hours before.

Fun Fact: on the KLM flight to AMS, under classic movies, both LORD OF THE RINGS ( I so do agree) and THE HANGOVER ( wow, really?) were listed as


I mean, don’t get me wrong, the hangover is HILARIOUS. BUT A classic? I’d prefer to see some classical old movies on there. Who wouldn’t love to watch ROMAN HOLIDAY or Breakfast at Tiffany’s on your way around the world?

Ah! As I was sitting waiting for my flight to Athens, all I could think about was my excitement and then my serious hunger, as my stomach grumbled loudly! Voglio mangiare! Ma, non ho cibo e non voglio comprare!

As I steal the wrong seat, 20D ( I was in 19D to AMS!) I sit beside a nice British couple and a baby sits behind me with his mother. I move shortly after, as the real owner of 20D comes by and I remember, thats right! I requested a window seat, not Aisle! So I move to 20A and am seated happily, looking out the window, the KLM logo on the wing bobbing up and down as we dip through the clouds and they look like blankets of snow that I wish to lie upon, close my eyes and sleep, but alas, must battle the jet lag and cannot succumb to the sinister sweet temptations of sleep. Luckily the baby is crying behind us, forcing me to stay awake. I shoot another coffee through my system, read some more of LADY CHATTERLY’S Lover and greedily and excitingly write “TEN MINUTES TO ATHENS” in my travel journal, misreading the time. That’s an hour and ten minutes to go and I’m loving every minute. This is where I belong.

To explain the simple elation filled with me the instant we soared into the air on towards AMS is nearly impossible. A climax of emotion tumbling forward, encasing me and disbelief clouds over them, like a horrible shroud. This is who I truly am, a traveller.

So stay tuned, for more tales from the traveller.

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  1. the hangover? a classic? come on now?!
    OMG! im so excited for you!!! where is your face now? i hope its in the air. or in greece. or on your head.